Saturday, February 20, 2010

Writing Prompts

I came across a unique writing prompt that challenged me to compose something short and to the point. I hope you enjoy it!

You return home to find a “Dear John” letter, only it’s from a piece of your furniture.

I came in from work and kicked off my shoes at the door. Picking up the mail, I headed to the living room to flop on the couch. I’d only gone three feet when the bright blue background of my 52” TV greeted me. Not only was the TV on, a printed email was displayed in capital letters. In complete shock I read:

“Dear Laurie,
I have had it with our constant fights and your attitude that I am not even part of this family, when I’ve done everything I can to be part of your lives. I know your husband bought me over your extremely vocal objections. ‘It’ll be the end of our family time,’ you cried, ‘we hardly spend enough time playing REAL games as it is!’ You have taken every opportunity to disparage my extra features – such as downloading free game demos and movie trailers. You harp on and on about the hours your husband and children spend playing Batman, UP, and Call of Duty. And yet, it gives you so much more time for your WRITING, something you claim you don’t get enough of - how can I be such a constant irritant when I am actually helping you achieve your golden dream?
I have tried to encourage you to try and play a video game on me. You gave up in frustration because you cannot seem to work my controllers and your hand-eye coordination stinks. Have you ever wondered how your children can be so adept and challenged by these same games? It is called practice…practice, practice, practice!
I simply can’t take your continual whining and stony-eyed stares at your husband when he brings home yet another $70.00 game to while away his hours while you’re bent over your keyboard. At least his pastime brings immediate gratification! Can you say the same about your writing? All this time and you are still not published, and yet evening after evening I’ve given you hours of free time.
As you are completely ungrateful for my years of service to this family, I have decided to move on to the single guy down the street who has been lusting after me ever since your husband had him over for a few beers. Good luck with the children – I can’t imagine they’ll be very impressed with you. Have fun trying to replace their addiction to my heart-warming welcome when they come home from school and decompress in front of the TV with me. As for your husband, you will be back to his continuous pleas that you spend every night watching CSI re-runs. Have fun getting your extra writing time in then!"


shawn said...

Wow. This could have been my story. It was funny and I had a good time reading it.

Liz Flaherty said...

Oh, hilarious. And so true to life!

Laurie Wood said...

Thanks, ladies!