Monday, September 6, 2010

Catching Up

Since my husband left once more for Afghanistan, August has been telescoped in to both fast events and the effect of rushing emotions pushing me every which way. In other words, this month has been bizarre! We're now at Labour Day weekend and although the kids and I have been alone for the long weekend we've managed to have fun shopping for school supplies and renting movies to pass the time.

This is my son's graduating year for high school, so two weeks ago we began the daily football practices at 8 a.m. My daughter's shown too great an interest in black and purple eye-make up (curse those YouTube vids given by girls with more time then talent!), so we've been practising make-up lessons every day to bring it down several notches to what mom's comfortable letting her out of the house in.

As far as writing, I've found a fabulous critique partner and she's helping me overhaul my current project while I get the enjoyment of reading her first draft of her current MS.

I'm taking an online course with John Foxjohn, who many of you already now. The course is "Scene and Sequel" and it's a great example of the fact that we can never stop learning our craft. I'm enjoying myself thoroughly!

And, I'm busy reading the six books I bought from Carina Press. These books are helping me get through having to suddenly put down our beloved golden retriever, Tessa. We had no idea she had inoperable cancer until she went in to organ failure. Holding her in my arms while she slipped away was agony. I still feel as though she'll be lying in the hallway when I turn the corner. Sometimes I put down her food bowl to call her for supper, then feel like an idiot when I realize she's never going to have supper again. I'm so glad the kids go back to school tomorrow and will be back with friends who've been away over the summer. (although I'll be searching my daughter's purse for that "midnight plum" eyeshadow! I wouldn't mind it so much, except for the "midnight black" shadow she loves to put around her lids till she looks like a racoon. Curse you, Twilight!)

I know I promised an excerpt from my medieval. Well, I'm re-writing it with the new things I'm learning in John Foxjohn's class, so please stay-tuned! And enjoy the rest of your long weekend. I love the beginning of school days, the crisp air, the new clothes and notebooks. In Canada, I think Autumn is the best season of the year.