Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Hate Cats...please throw tomatoes!

It's true, I hate cats. I'm allergic to them and am sitting here right now with red-rimmed eyes and a runny nose. We've got two geriatric beasts, who live down in the basement because they can't stand Valour, our Golden Retriever, (see below)and want to live out their stupid lives in peace.

One belongs to my son and one belongs to my daughter. They've provided an emotional "security blanket" during all of our military moves across country and back again. The kids count on them for cuddles when Dad's away, as he is now, and as soon as they come home they both ask, "how's Barrington today?", "how's Screech today?".

My husband and I switched offices (long story) and so I'm back in the basement corner, having feng shuied as much as possible to keep my writing mojo. It must be working because I've got two stories on the go which is grand. Other then these stupid cats, who've decided they like to lie on top of a) my mouse, b) my mouse when my hand's on it, c) curled around the top of my keyboard, and d) on top of the phone.

I'm a dog person. (see below!)If I wasn't allergic to them, I'd probably think cats were fine as long as they stayed off my bloody desk. So, who out there enjoys a cat as Muse? I know Allison Brennan, thriller writer, has a gorgeous cat named Nemo. I prefer my Muse to stay on my shoulder, and away from my runny eyes and sniffling nose.

Ok, wing those tomatoes at me! And tell me what you think the differences are between cat people, and dog people.