Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Post Valentines' Day

There was a year when we were first married where my husband forgot Valentines Day. Literally. In spite of being in the malls nearly every day for lunch, he missed the huge card signs, chocolate displays, 40% off Sales on lingerie....you name it, he missed it! I was (innocent bride that I was) crushed. Where did my romantic, chivalrous, dating guy disappear to?

Fast forward about twenty years. Not only is he far away in another country, but he had a huge bouquet of flowers, with a single red rose in the middle, delivered right on time. In fact, I've had four huge bouquets of flowers over the past six months, but the fact he remembered Valentines Day made that one red rose all the sweeter.

Did he grow up? Did I? Is the hype about "having" someone to share Valentines Day really just rampant commercialism? Well, yes, and yes. And a big "yes" to the hype. I spent many a Valentines Day alone before I met my husband. It never bothered me back then.

Would our relationship survive without flowers from across the ocean? Yes, but it's true that it's the thought that counts. Cliched, but true. Somehow over the years, he shifted his focus to what matters to me - some personal attention during a stressful time. Which explains his "care packages". Giving your mate some personal attention pays off in big dividends - beyond just one night of dinner and roses.

I say Valentines Day is just an annual reminder of that fact!

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