Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm Really Not AWOL, or trying to be a "Frankenfriend" a la Kristen Lamb's delicious blog....

What I'm reading - The Midwife of Venice by Roberta Rich

If you want to learn about social media and how to build your platform as an author, you need to check out   KRISTEN LAMB'S BLOG. Yesterday, she had a superb post on how NOT to be a "Frankenfriend or Zombie Twitterer". Which is what I've been, unfortunately, but again - I have a good excuse???

May 7th I was invigorated, happier then a clam, and buying dirt. yes, dirt, at the Garden Center of a shall-remain-unnamed-huge-retailer. And what did I manage to do? I ran my cart up the ramp to the Center, deciding in my free-as-a-bird judgement that it would be OK to walk through a puddle on the ramp.

Couldn't have been more wrong. The cart wheels hit a hidden 1.5" rise of pavement and the sudden stop hurled me, literally, over the cart and on to the pavement where I managed to smack my skull not once, but twice, coming to rest on my opposite side and lying in said puddle.

All of which led to an ambulance taking my to hospital, getting checked out and being told I had a concussion, yada, yada, yada. None of which has anything to do with writing, or being a "Frankenfriend" - by which Kristen means someone who blogs once in a blue moon, or only snags your attention when they want to sell their book, etc. Seriously, go back to that link and check it out! I was ashamed of myself for being a Zombie-Twitterer!

In my defense, my doctor told me my concussion was severe enough to warrant NO reading of any kind, NO computer work, NO television (that was hard!), NO driving (I was recently upgraded to driving around locally), NO puzzles, Sudoku, crafting (impossible!), or thinking of ANY kind. Yes, he actually said that - no thinking of any kind. I had to completely rest my brain and let it heal. My husband even took my Blackberry away for a bit, as I couldn't go cold turkey and stop texting friends.

I still have some memory issues but the concussion headache is gone and I'm here to celebrate! Having been in pain since May 7th, it is a great relief to be off the Advil and painkillers, and back on the computer again. 

I've shelved the WIP I was working through because it all looks like bunk to me now - but that may be the concussion talking so I'm going to put it away and reserve judgement for awhile. Meanwhile, I've started researching for another story and am happy to be back in cyber-space and sharing with my friends again!

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