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Today I’m welcoming Sherry Foley, debut author of SWITCHED IN DEATH, which is published by Winter Goose Publishing. Thanks for spending some time with us, Sherry! SWITCHED IN DEATH features a spectacular serial killer – quite horrific, in fact. Can you tell us what your inspiration was for this killer?

Thanks for hosting me, Laurie.  I believe everyone can relate to being made fun of at some point in their childhood.  We all bear scars. There are a few though that never rise above it. Resentment and bitterness can twist inside of them and when it festers their targets often get hurt.  Such is the case with the serial killer in Switched in Death. 

How much police procedural research did you do?

This is actually my seventh manuscript, but the first I’d shopped out so I had previous knowledge for this book. It’s the medical aspects that I had to spend time researching on this one. 

How long did it take you to write SWITCHED IN DEATH, from start to finish?

Four months. I sent it off to my valuable CP’s and they gave me their feedback, which took another month. Then I always read the final out loud because I catch things the most that way. I don’t use a story board. I’m a total panster. I like to think of a storyline and create characters to play the roles to carry it out.

What draws you to write in this genre?

I’ve always loved reading and watching mysteries.

Do you have a writing ritual?

I try to write 2,500 words a day at least. 

Do you like to edit what you wrote the day before or write the entire draft and then edit it?

I write/edit/write/’s a vicious circle until it’s done. But, by the time I write those glorious last words “THE END” it really is the final. 

This is your debut novel. Can you share what getting “The Call” was like from Winter Goose Publishing?

Very exciting indeed. I hadn’t told very many outside my family that I’d been writing so that was a special kind of fun too. Everyone was very excited for me. Winter Goose Publishing contacted me by email and I was thrilled. I have loved everyone I’ve worked with at WGP. They’ve all been so helpful and such cheerleaders. 

You mention in your dedication that your hero is named after your son. Would you want Seth to go in to law enforcement?

No, too dangerous, although he does want to be a policeman.

Tell us five things about yourself that the reading public doesn’t know yet.

I used to work in a morgue. I’m working on a detective series. I’m going to  shadow a couple of policemen for firsthand insight. I’m going to sign up for shooting practice. My next release also has two more books that fill out the series.  A CAPTIVE HEART has three men in it and they each get a book of their own. The other two are titled A HEART ON HOLD and A HEART FOR ALL SEASONS.

Can you give us a sneak peek as to what it’s about?

It’s more of a romantic suspense. Ian is working undercover and realizes his boss is the mole in the department and has set him up. To get out of it alive he’s going to have to stay more than a step ahead and in alliance with just the right woman. 

 Thank you so much for sharing your debut story, Sherry. Good luck with the rest of your book launch!

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