Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Joy of a New Computer

Here we are halfway through January and I've spent every day since Christmas pounding away on my awesome, SONY, RED, laptop! My hubby surprised me for Christmas with a new wireless printer. I was ecstatic! Then, the last present behind the tree came from "Valour", otherwise known as "Wonder Dog", "the Golden Beast", or "you idiot!"

Valour, brilliant dog that he is, apparently bought me this gorgeous red laptop (it's just a bonus that it's red, my favourite colour!) when he saw it - the very last red one - in the store. And he spent the week before Christmas loading it up with software for his writer-mommy.

Now I can write in the living room, on the dining table, at Tim Hortons coffee shop - anywhere besides the freezing cold basement. But the most important thing to me, is the colour. We all know colour affects us. Well, red is my second favourite colour - I adore red cars/trucks, appliances, electronics, vases, flowers - if it's red it'll find it's way in to my house somehow. Purple is my absolute favourite colour but that's more for clothes and some decor. RED - now that's a colour that jazzes me up and gets me going first thing in the a.m.

I'd have been just as happy if hubby'd had to spring for the neon orange laptop. It's getting my creativity going and it's FUN. We often forget that writing is supposed to be FUN and not all about slitting our wrists in agony over every word on the screen. Every time I open up my laptop, I feel great.

Valour is an extremely smart dog, what can I say?

How does colour affect you for writing? Do you have your office or whatever room you write in painted to inspire you? Invigorate you? Do you write better wearing certain colours? Think about it - if you've been putting off painting your spare room/"office" maybe now's the time to check paint chips and get your colour groove on!


Anonymous said...

here's your "hi" comment... :)
Love the new laptop - very snazzy! And I'm looking forward to Thursday's post!

~ Sheila

Laurie Wood said...

Thanks Sheila!

Sherry said...

Your laptop is BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats! It's great to see you back at it, Laurie.